David Patrick Lane interviews Amos, a garbage man in Johannesburg, on July 2, 2010 about his feelings on Bafana’s exit from the tournament and his love for Africa.

Creator: David Patrick Lane
Date Original: July 2, 2010
Date Digital: January 16, 2014
Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Format: mp4
Source: Originally published on David Patrick Lane’s blog.
Language(s): English

David Patrick Lane (DPL): Ok, it’s morning in Johannesburg and folks are starting a day’s work. Good morning, sir. What’s your name?

Amos: I’m Amos Grabel (sp?)

DPL: Nice to meet you, sir.

Amos: Thanks to you.

DPL: How are you feeling now that Bafana is out of the World Cup?

Amos: I don’t feel that bad about it because we’ve still got Ghana on our side.

DPL: Ah! So you’re a Ghana man?

Amos: No, I’m an African man.

DPL: You’re an African man!

Amos: Yeah!

DPL: Brilliant, brilliant. So you’re behind the Black Stars now?

Amos: Yeah.

DPL: You’d like to see them go all the way and win the World Cup?

Amos: Let them try their best!

DPL: Ha! Brilliant! Brilliant! Tell me more about, about how you feel about Africa.

Amos: Africa. Africa is a very grand country. I like it. Because I grow in Africa.

DPL: Right.

Amos: Yes. Otherwise, besides everything, Africa is number one.

DPL: Right, right.

Amos. Yeah.

DPL: Great. Thank you very much, sir.

Amos: Not to mention.

DPL: Lovely to talk to you.

Amos: Back to you.

DPL: Good luck to the Black Stars. Cheers.

Amos: To you also.

DPL: Bye now.

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